People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) is a membership-based community organizing group. We employ a community organizing strategy based on relationship building and direct action to create meaningful change in the neighborhoods where we work. We start locally, working on issues that matter to people in our communities, such as affordable housing, community safety, and quality education. We then connect our issues to those of our national network, National People's Action (NPA), and we are part of a national movement focused on building an economy that works for everybody, challenging corporate power, and winning increasingly more inclusive and democratic government policies.

Building Community

POWER brings together residents of low-income communities, people of color, women, senior citizens, and immigrants to work together for their collective benefit. These collective campaigns form bonds and relationships that last a lifetime. 

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Developing Leaders

POWER organizes in LA neighborhoods to develop lifelong leaders to who exceed their own expectation of themselves through direct action, who build power through relationship-building, who learn to negotiate from a place of power to win progressive changes that impact their community and help build an equitable city

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Economic Justice

POWER is committed to fighting for economic justice on a local and national level through campaigns such as implementing participatory budgeting in the Housing Authority of the City of LA, defending the human right to housing of the undocumented immigrants living in public and subsidized housing, and implementing a $15/hr. minimum wage with paid sick leave and wage-theft protections in LA City and County.

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Donate to Preserve Local Neighborhoods

Designate your donation for our “Eviction Prevention Fund.” This fund will help us organize 5 local neighborhoods to fight eviction and displacement in Venice and Culver City.  Your donation will improve the lives of 500 low income families.

Donate to Support our Leadership Training

Your donation will go towards the expansionv of our Leadership Training program where we teach residents how to organize, build a base of support in their neighborhood and provide the resources for successful campaigns. 

Become a member!

Add you voice to our community and help us build a movement.  As a member, you’ll receive a free POWER t-shirt, a membership card, and a monthly newsletter with information about the local social justice issues in Los Angeles.

Become a Movement Builder

Donate to build a movement: communities in west LA and east LA are coming together through w.e.LA: a unique collaboration between POWER (westLA) and Union de Vecinos (eastLA).  Your donation will support “a movement in the east and west of Los Angeles that will generate two waves that move toward the center, galvanizing and organizing struggling communities to find a voice in a changing city.”

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